A philosopher might want to ask: What is who? And: Who is what? A conundrum for you.





Caesar Attard is very conscious of his commitment as an artist. His inquisitive, complex personality has left its mark on Modern and Contemporary Art in Malta. For him, making art is both a dangerous and a revealing act. It precipitates self-doubt and steers the deep waters of his unconscious. His vision is always ahead of execution: knowledge of material is his contact with reality and uncertainty is a virtue. For Caesar, the moment of completion is inevitably a moment of loss – the loss of all other forms the imagined piece might have taken. He is always prepared to afford the unfashionable luxury of failure for he is well aware that today’s artwork does not emerge from a secure common ground. Making art now for Caesar means working in the face of uncertainty, it means living with doubt and contradiction, doing even something that few would care for, since there might be no audience or reward. He refuses the security of working in traditional, old pre-existing moulds that stunt artistic development and sublimate personal style. He prefers to remain open to risk as well as for discovery.

Cassar Joseph Paul; Caesar Attard, A Bank of Valletta Exhibition,  Bank of Valletta plc,  2008


1946 born in Zejtun, Malta.
1959-1961 attended drawing class under Chev. Vincent Apap at the Malta Government School of Art, Valletta
1964-1966 entered Major Seminary and studied at the Royal University of Malta
1966-1973 attended painting and drawing classes under Chev. Esprit Barthet  at the Malta Government School of Art, Msida
1969 became member of art group Spectrum  ’67
1970 started a profound friendship with sculptor Josef Kalleya
1969-1972 studied at the Teacher Training College, Malta
1973 appointed Teacher of Art in the Government Primary Schools
1974 joined up with Josef Kalleya, Tony Sciberras, Joseph L.Mallia, and E.V. Borg to form art group Vision ’74
1974 became member of art group Atelier ’56
1975 curated “Innovation and Continuity – Painting and Sculpture by Josef Kalleya and Caesar Attard”,  Malta Federation of Professional Bodies Centre, Paceville
1975 “Search for Your Self”, a live participation at Upper Barrakka Gardens, Valletta
1976-1977 edited and produced Folji, an experimental image/text newsletter of Vision ’74
1977 “Human Pantographers”, a live participation inside language laboratory, De La Salle College, Cottonera
1977 took part in Maltese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Libyan-Arab Cultural Centre, Valletta, with “Open-ended Meta-dimensional Field” installed in St. George Square, and with live participation “Artist as Model”
1978 “The identity Card”, a live participation at the Argotti Gardens, Floriana
1980 “Drawings”, personal exhibition at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta
1984 “Drawings and Paintings”, personal exhibition at Phoenicia Club, Sydney, Australia
1986 “Drawings”, personal exhibition at the Exhibition Hall, Malta Embassy, Moscow
1987 “Fear and Risk”, personal exhibition at the Gallerija Istitut Kattoliku, Floriana
1987-1994 lectured on History of Art at the Upper Lyceum, Msida
1988 Maltese Artists in Florence, Galleria Renzo Spagnoli, Firenze
1992 “Life and Passion” personal exhibition – Drawings and Etchings, New Gallery, Auberge de Provence, Valletta
1992 Actuelle Malerei aus Malta, Rathaus Hardtberg, Bonn-Duisdorf, Germany
1994 “Paintings and Drawings”, personal exhibition, New Gallery, Auberge de Provence, Valletta
1994-1995 taught Art practice in the Art Department at the Upper Lyceum, Msida
1996 1st Biennale of Christian Art in Malta, Cathedral Museum, Mdina, Malta
1997 “Maltese Contemporary Art”  Euromed – A Partnership, Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta
1998 “Religion and Society in Prehistoric Mediterranean” Art Exhibition, Foundation for International Studies, University of Malta, at the National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta
1999 “Re-Interpreting Preti”, National Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta
1995-2011 appointed lecturer teaching art history and art practice in the Art Department at the Junior College, University of Malta.
2000 “Graphicon” a project consisting of painting, photography, computer in“Art in Malta Today” exhibition, at St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, Valletta
2000 “3rd Biennial of Contemporary Christian art in Malta”, Cathedral Museum, Mdina, Malta
2001 “Malta Crossroads of Civilization: 12 Contemporary Artists from Malta”, Palais des Nation, Geneva
2002 “Maltese Contemporary Art”, Calpe 2002 Conference, Gibraltar
2007 “­→ “(mainly drawings), personal exhibition at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta
2007 “Unfinished”, in “The Philosophical Brothel” exhibition at St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, Valletta
2007 “Searching for Caravaggio”, in “Caravaggio quote unquote”, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Malta Arts Festival,          commemorating the 4th centenary of Caravaggio’s sojourn in Malta
2008 “Caesar Attard: a Retrospective Exhibition”, Bank of Valletta, St. Venera
2012 “H-ARDCORE”, personal exhibition at the Upper Galleries, St. James Cavalier Centre for the Creativity, Valletta
2013 Milkshake,  a collective multimedia arts project, St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, Valletta
2014 Made in MT: Maltese Art Now A collective exhibition in Dar Malta, Brussels, showcasing Maltese contemporary art.
2017 B/S/b (blood/spittle/blank) – including 1970s ink-drops experiment – live participation in “Human Matter”, a collective at the Malta Society of Arts, Valletta, Malta.
2018 The Island Indoors, Hof De Bist – 252CC, Ekeren, Antwerp. Curators: Stefan Kolgen, Ann Laenen


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